2018 – Promoting the Inclusion of Girls in STEM Careers


Inspiring and supporting young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (STEM).


The Talent Hack team attended an inspiring event conducted by Stemettes – an award-winning social enterprise working to inspire and support young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (STEM).

Stemettes teamed up with Schroders to host a unique and exciting event where the next generation of girls and young #WomenInSTEM created their own app on Savings and Investing. The judging panel comprised of representatives from Microsoft & FinTech Talents.

“Watching a group of talented young girls putting their creative hats on and using tech tools in action was quite a fascinating experience. I saw group after group confidently make presentations in a room full of people and were truly impressed.” Sarah Landry, Managing Director

The thought that had gone into each app demonstrated that children as young as 5 could grasp the link between savings and incentives and, even the importance of the customer journey.

Looking across both the technology and financial services industries, the lack of women representation we’ve notice over the years hasn’t changed significantly.

Programmes like those run by the Stemettes point to a brighter future and highlight the importance of engaging young girls and women with the industry through challenge-based events. This isn’t tech for tech’s sake but purpose-driven tasks that really demonstrate the intersection between tech and design and the creativity that is part of that process.

In order to meet the future demand of tech talent, it is essential to tap in to the potential of all groups in society. Events like these are a fantastic way to engage future innovators and nurture their talent at a young age.

Talent Hack looks forward to actively work toward the inclusion of women in STEM-related activities and broaden the opportunities for all women in the industry so that they can be proportionally represented in the field.


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