2019 – Talent Hack Opens Door To Students And Graduates

2019 Internship Opportunities

Registrations are now open for Talent Hack’s 2019 Academia Project.


An internship at Talent Hack is an excellent way to know the inner workings of a dynamic workplace. Immerse yourself in challenging hackathons as well as new technologies to help you decide which career path is right for you.

Lasting typically 8-10 weeks, your time at Talent Hack will see you having a full day-to-day involvement in actual projects selected to match your interests and abilities. You will join a project team and work alongside TH’s employees who are all professionals in their fields.

To ensure that you will get the most from the experience, a mentor will support you directly while you undertake regular assessments throughout your internship. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of the business, and its demands and rewards.

Talent Hack’s Academia Project at a glance:

  • Typically, 8-10 weeks in your chosen business area
  • A real project with a significant level of business impact
  • Discovering which skills you need to develop through constructive feedback
  • Building valuable networks and contacts for future career opportunities

Mentoring and Coaching

You will be allocated a mentor who will provide you with day-to-day guidance and support and acts as a sounding board.

Mid Internship Review

To keep you on track; you will attend a meeting with our Managing Director. The purpose of this meeting is to express your honest feedback as to how you feel your internship is progressing. This will also be an opportunity to review whether you are on target to meet your key objectives set at the start of the project. 

Internship Outcome

If the overall evaluation of your internship meets our minimum employment standards and if you have enjoyed your time with us, we will seek to identify a suitable position on our graduate scheme for you.

“Having gone through our Academia Project myself, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I have learnt so much since joining and my career rapidly progressed. I don’t think that I would have had this opportunity elsewhere” Anna Bagley, TH Business Development Manager

We’re looking for talented graduates with a 2:1 degree or a minimum of a 2:2 degree supported by other relevant academic achievements or work experience. And, because we work in almost every sector and across most technologies, it’s essential you’re flexible, adaptable and imaginative, sharing our passion for new approaches.

If that sounds like you, apply today! Registrations close March 1st.

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