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The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented amount of disruption in the most industry, fueled in large part by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 impacted nearly every aspect of the global economy, from supply chains to air travel to IT. The events industry wasn’t spared either, as cancellations, layoffs and falling earnings affected vendors and startups alike.

This is where TH.0’s survival instincts kicked in and not only did we survive as a new company, we thrived! It’s been a fantastic year full of major highs and minor lows but we’ve come out of it stronger and smarter.

TH.0 takes a look back at the milestones, events, highlights and stories that dominated our year.

Global Events We Pulled Off


RecruitaTH.0n 2020 aimed at providing internship and jobs for kick-starting careers of university students and fresh graduates.


A productive 3 month summer Internship with selected participants from the RecruithaTH.0n.

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ClimaTH.0n 2020 – This was a worldwide initiative to combat one of the most pressing problems facing the UK – Climate Change. 

The virtual event gathered more than 150 participants including youth, academia, representatives from both the private and public sectors, development sector, and government officials. 

Teams were guided by experts in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, public health, and climate change.

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AgritechaTH.0n 2020 – We saw 200+ participants, spanning over 17 different time zones at this all-online, worldwide initiative to accelerate innovation, development and implementation of new and existing digital technology into the UK AgriTech industry. The judges, industry experts, mentors and keynote speakers made the event a success.

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MarineTech 2020 – In this fully-virtual event, participants were challenged to imagine and design an innovative digital solution that can help advance marine technology and ocean exploration.  The online event gathered more than a hundred participants including Developers, Engineers, Marine Biologists, Physicists, Data Scientists. Teams were guided by experts in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and the marine industry. 

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Blockchain & AI 2020 – Aimed at improving the use of Blockchain & AI in Supply chain management, Education, Innovation and E-Commerce.

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What We Accomplished

Bigger Team – We welcomed 5 incredible new employees, four of whom we discovered through our recruitment hackathon. Say hello to Jigger, Minal, Charis, Shantika and Valentina.

Built a Global Community – With every TH.0 hackathon, we added to our global community of developers, designers, programmers, engineers, marketers, c-level executives, and many more! Want access to a talent pool that consists of the top professionals in every industry? Give us a call.  

Increased Followers – Our social media channels saw a 40% increase. Help us continue the trend! Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn & Instagram.

Expanded our Network – We have collaborated with over 50+ teams, secured 3 recruitment partners, agreed 4 official corporate partners, increased our mentor portfolio by an additional 37 industry experts, and have seen a 100% return of client retention.

The Future

What an amazing year! So many achievements unlocked! 🏆

We’re very grateful to all our partners, clients and participants & the global TH.0 community for joining us on this journey. Team TH.0 wishes you all the best of success in your endeavors. 

It was certainly a year of uncertainty, leaving us with an ever-evolving list of obstacles to navigate. But creating challenging events that serve as platforms for innovation, creativity, connections, and collaboration is a part of our DNA. That’s what drives us at TH.0 every single day. With this spirit, we’re going to march forward to make the next year bigger and better!

We have 13 live events at the moment, with space for more customised internal & external company-wide hackathons. Here is a full list of our upcoming virtual hackathons in 2021. If you’re looking to partner with us for any of these events, come on onboard!

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