Looking To Upskill? Here’s How A Hackathon Will Help

As the world faces uncertain time amidst COVID-19 and most of us are still confined at home.

This is the optimum time to upskill! 

The business world today is an ever-changing domain. Therefore, acquiring news skills is one the only ways to stay relevant in most sectors. Keeping this in mind, TH.0 has an exciting list of virtual hackathons scheduled for the year 2020/21. Our one-of-a-kind hackathons give participants the opportunity to learn new skills, push themselves to create something unique and showcase their talent.

If you are looking to refresh your resume with the most sought-after skills and add impressive new experiences to it, read on to find out how hackathons are your best option to do just that.

Hackathons are for learning 

A hackathon is an excellent place to learn a number of new skills. From idea generation to team work to managing a project; a hackathon teaches you a number of valuable skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Not only do these skills make you better at your job, they can also help you bag your next job.

Hackathons are for building network  

Hackathons are the best place to meet with influential people and grow your network. A hackathon attracts people with all sorts of diverse backgrounds and skills. This platform brings together the best and brightest professionals from all around the world so participants get the chance to meet people related to their field.

Hackathons are pocket-friendly  

Most hackathons are free or require a small entrance fee. If the hackathon is being set up at a physical location, you are required to arrange for your travel, otherwise you have the option of attending virtual hackathons from the comfort of your home!

Interested in attending a hackathon? Check out our exciting line up for 2021 on our website.