A Brave New World: How the COVID Pandemic Is Transforming Recruitment

The on-going pandemic that has swept countries has changed the world forever. Businesses have gone through a seismic shift this year. So, it’s not surprising that the pandemic has also changed the way companies look for and hire new employees. More and more businesses are adapting innovative ways to find the perfect talent for them.

In keeping with the spirit of the time, the demand for professionals with excellent digital skills, industry-relevant aptitude, business-critical soft-skills, and core behavioral competencies such as collaboration, communication, openness to diversity, ethical propensity, and problem solving is still the need of the hour. How, then, to identify and onboard the right talent without ever meeting them in-person?

Watch them in action in a super competitive and collaborative setting such as a virtual hackathon! 

A Virtual Recruitment Hackathon hits multiple marks at once

This innovative setting delivers greater insights to companies that are recruiting regarding the behavioral performance, cultural fitness, and practical skills of candidates in real-time, something that would not be possible in a traditional interview setting. 

Furthermore, the hackathon setup enables organisations to set certain expectations for the talent being examined while ascertaining whether their skills align with the internship/job roles available.

A number of our existing clients have adopted hackathons as their setup-of-choice for driving recruitment and benefitted massively from the superior talent discovered at our events. In fact, many of the new team members at TH.0 this year were hired after they showcased their skills and talent at our virtual hackathons.   


How Does Your Company Benefit? 

  • Crowdsource ideas on product innovation


  • Create a strong employer brand


  • Hire fresh talent – all at the same time!

We wish you all the best in the fight for A-list talent and hope you will use this unique opportunity to attract stars.

If you’d like to become a part of the upcoming RecruitaTH.0n, happening on 15th – 17th January 2021 to scout for new interns/employees or even set up your own challenge within the hackathon, send us an email at ‘Hello@thpoint0.io’ and we will get back to you promptly with more details.