Corporate Hackathons: Why They Pay Off For Every Company

Hackathons have paved the way for strengthening a company’s innovation capabilities through a number of new ideas. They are excellent tools for stimulating problem-solving and creative juices of participants as they force them to transform their ingenious concepts to actionable solutions.

When a company hosts a hackathon, they open themselves to outsiders who usher in a fresh perspective to tackling business challenges. Engaging with participants is a great way to receive feedback on new APIs, develop communities, solidify a brand image and discover new talent.

Hosting a corporate hackathon has many benefits. Let’s have a detailed look at how a hackathon can be a game-changer for your business.

Discover New Ways of Solving Problems

Whether you conduct an internal or external hackathon, there are plenty of advantages to the company as a whole. Hackathons can be used to solved a variety of challenges ranging from software solutions to day-to-day workflow issues to customer service concerns and can even lead to the creation of innovative products and services.

Simply put, hackathons are a brilliant way to reinvigorate an organization’s work culture.

Community Creation

In our technology-centric world, no industry is exempt from unpredictable disruption by new tech start-ups. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to stay engaged with entrepreneurs and developers that may be leading these overnight sensational projects. Therefore, businesses must create an innovation-focused community of their own. These communities are fueled by developers who are the generators of change and creators of the next disruptive technology that can take the world by storm.

Developer Engagement

Hackathons attract the developer community unlike any other event. In fact, they act as the bridge companies have with this community. For businesses whose central role is to provide tech solutions, hackathons establish two-way conversations between the people that use such solutions (APIs, APKs, data sets etc.) and the people who develop them. This feedback loop is crucial in discovering needs, solving problems and making improvements.

Corporate Branding

Associating your brand with hackathons can cement your company’s position as a forward-thinking organization and help attract the right kind of attention.

Whether you host a hackathon or sponsor one; it is a guaranteed opportunity for positive exposure in the tech word and in front of your prime audience.

Recruit Exceptional Individuals

As hackathons contain project-based challenges, they provide the perfect medium to judge a candidate’s capability of tackling challenges in the work environment.

Hackathons are the perfect events to garner the best talent, engage with them and recruit the right fit for your organization.

If you’ve read this far and are thinking of hosting a hackathon, contact us right away to find out how we can help you host the right kind of hackathon for your company.