Hack For Democracy: GOVTECH 2021 – Virtual Hackathon

Elections impact the lives of millions of citizens directly. As a society, it’s the ‘best way’ to decide who governs us. The outcome of elections also reflects our approach to picking and solving the issues that affect us. Lately, in many countries, the experience of elections has been less than great. They are prone to manipulation, large-scale disruptions, voting irregularities, poor logistics and low voter turnout.

This is why we are organizing a hackathon to bring together bright, and determined people from around the world to help hack the problem of running successful elections using the next UK election as a focal point. GovTech, organised by TH.0 seeks to run successful elections by using the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, AI & ML.

GovTech Hackathon is happening virtually on the 13th of February, 2021.

 There are numerous technological, ethical and social problems which can be answered by focusing on the theme of solving problems related to running successful elections in the UK by leveraging latest technology. We are looking to explore and address issues such as:

Engaging Non-Voters

Low voter engagement is harmful for democracy. In order to ensure good governance, we need to make our voting process simple enough for the voters of varying demographics to cast their votes with ease. Therefore, we ask participants to develop solutions to increase voter engagement through the use of advanced technology.

Blockchain To Modernise Voting Process

In order to make the voting process more efficient than ever before, we challenge participants to incorporate blockchain in order to reduce costs, increase security and improve traceability.


AI for Engaging Geographically Dispersed Voters

The process of verification for voting processes is a rigmarole process. How can we leverage the power of AI in enabling people from various localities to vote with ease without compromising their privacy?

Preventing Fraud in Elections

A point of contention in recent elections all around the world – There is an urgent need to use technology in order to combat the threat of fraud and ensure a fair voting process. What methods can you use to prevent electoral fraud in the UK?

TH.0 has partnered with leading companies, governments, and organizations to pilot and scale the winning solutions. Let’s join forces to solve issues around running successful elections. Tickets are going fast, click here to apply to the virtual hackathon now.