Kick-start your career with a Hackathon

Our virtual hackathon is an event brimming with challenges and opportunities. It is also a great place to meet people who are enthusiastic and skilled at the same things you are. It is a breeding ground for excellent services and products, networking and more importantly new job opportunities!  

Want more reasons to attend our 2021 hackathons? Here are the top benefits you will see by competing in one.  

You’ll build experience for your CV  

Whether a senior or graduate, you’ve got skills to showcase! The more Github commits and impressive project contributions you have in your portfolio, the better.

A hackathon gives you that opportunity by allowing you to be creative, shake things up and challenge yourself to build a fully-functioning product / service solution in less than 48 hours. 

You’ll flex your collaboration & networking muscles 

Being social, interacting with accomplished professionals and building a network with the right people can be intimidating for the best of us. Hackathons can really help you break out of your shell by creating a space to network with others within your specific field of expertise by working on a collaborative project. 

Contribute to a new product  

If your team is successful, the technology you build together may be used by a company.

Not only is that very cool and exciting that your idea is making it big in the real world, but it’s also another impressive detail to add to your resume or share during an interview. 

You could land your first job! 

One of the best outcomes of participating in a hackathon is you could come out of it with a job offer in your hand! Talent scouts from top organisations attend hackathons looking for untapped talent who can prove their mettle in a high-paced environment. So, come with your game face on and put your best foot forward!  

The rules are simple: You choose to participate in a challenge with a dynamic team and if you do a stellar job, you walk away with an interview offer from one of our recruitment partners. 

Register to attend. Admission is free!