How are Companies Attracting Generation Z with Hackathons?

The new wave of graduates looking for work are changing the recruiting process all together. So, if companies are out to hire the best talent, they will have to ditch the old-school hiring playbook and adopt innovative strategies to get the best new-age talent.  

Many companies are beginning to understand the power of hackathons as a recruitment tool for attracting Millennialsn and Generation Z. “I see companies treating recruitment as an investment rather than a purchase,” says Lukas Pesa, Founder of Lukas Pesa Consultation, a speaking and consultancy business helping companies trying to reach millennials. “Instead of waiting for an immediate need to hire someone before beginning the process of relationships building, companies are being more proactive in building relationships with potential candidates before there is a job available. This allows them to find more compatible candidates that are more likely to remain at the organization longer, reducing turnover costs.” 

Before I get into why hackathons work brilliantly in attracting Generation Z’s, lets have a look at what they are looking for in a job. 

What do they want from a Job? 

The top ten factors that Millennials and Generation Z take into consideration while accepting a job offer, excluding salary are as follows: 

  • Good work/ life balance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Great Opportunities 
  • Sense of belonging in the workplace
  •  The impact the work has on society 
  • Quality of products/services 
  •  A strong sense of purpose 
  •  Fast growth 
  • Working with a leading company admired by all

Recruitment hackathons for Millennials & Generation Zs

So, what makes hackathons special? Hackathons are interactive platforms where participants and brand managers mingle together to create something new. The specialty of this event is that employers get a live demonstration of how the participants act in a virtual workplace similar to theirs while also gauging their patience and skills under work pressure.  

Generation Z’s place a greater emphasis on opportunities to learn and grow, which is exactly what hackathons give them. Participants get a taste of the type of work they would be doing in the future which gives them the option of making a calculated decision of whether they want to join the workplace or not. 

If your brand wants to do a better job of hiring Generation Zs, you must understand what motivates them, and create a delicate balance. They have a non-traditional approach to employers and companies that are quickly adapting to creative ways of attracting talent are giving themselves the opportunity to hand-pick the best of the lot.