Upskill Your Way To A Better Career


Hackathons are taking the corporate world by storm. The sky is the limit when it comes to these events. Businesses largely benefit by hosting hackathons that is specifically geared at scouting for the best new talent.

Students, graduates and professionals with varying skillset participate in hackathons under intense time-constraint to create mind-blowing products and services and walk away with prizes, a sense of accomplishment, a memorable experience and a larger network.  

Top 3 ways attending a hackathon will boost your employability:

All jobseekers can benefit exponentially by attending a hackathon. Here are some of the best ways in which a hackathon can help build CV, expand skillset and improve employability.  

1. You will learn in a low-risk environment 

Attempting to bring any idea to fruition always carries a lot of risk. In a hackathon, you are encouraged to apply fresh approaches to a problem that you may not risk in the real world. You won’t have a manager breathing down your neck, neither would you have to play by rigid rules. Thus, giving you the flexibility and freedom to experiment.  

2. Guaranteed to learn new technical skills and polish your soft skills 

A hackathon provides a great environment to experiment with tools and technologies that you would otherwise not have access to. Webinars, workshops and mentors are always at hand to help you brush up on technical as well as soft skills such as collaboration, presentation and communication, etc. 

3. You could get external recognition 

Getting validation, being appreciated, gaining recognition and receiving reward for great projects are perhaps some of the best aspects of hackathons. Demonstrate your skills, stand out to the wider tech community and catch the eye of recruiters looking for their next hire.  

Attending a hackathon is one of the fastest ways to expand your knowledge. These events allow you to sharpen your skills and keep them relevant for the future. Moreover, you are setting yourself above the competition by adding hackathon experience in your CV. It’s an indicator to potential employers of your willingness to go above and beyond in the pursuit to develop your area of expertise and shows how passionate you are about it.  

Simply put, hackathons will help you hack your career in your chosen industry! 


The Power Of Hackathons For Your Business


Every successful organization is aware of the various variables that influence business processes and works towards strengthening their value. One invariable factor that all business leaders recognize as the key to business growth is the presence of competent human resources. 

Therefore, re-invention is key for any business looking to attract, engage and benefit for a world-class team of employees. Because of the potential of hackathons to offer redefined possibilities to old-HR world problems, their use has increased manifold over the years and is set to rise even further. 

The popularity of hackathons has risen dramatically in recent times. An estimate shows that in 2016, hackathons resulted in a staggering 13000+ prototypes while over 80% of the Fortune 100 companies regularly conduct hackathons. 4 years on, and hackathons are becoming bigger than ever!

Adopting hackathons as normal business practice should now become a norm by companies as it fosters innovation, solves problems quicker and gives companies an edge over competitors by hiring the best talent in their industry.  

In reality, hackathons are most effective in speeding up the digitization of any businesses and its existing processes. Additionally, they provide an organization with innovation ideas and create better solutions for an array of business problems. 

A well-organized hackathon works like a magic spell that gets the most talented and creative minds together to brainstorm and deliver a diverse set of quality ideas.  

Not only does this shorten a company’s innovative cycle, costs less compared to traditional innovation models and moves ideas to prototypes quickly; they also help employers identify and recruit from a pool of exceptional candidates. 

RecruithaTH.0n 2021 is the perfect way to not only add to your brand value but also get in direct contact with some of the best minds in the industry. Our hackathons are idea generators and can be as varied as the people and purposes behind them.  

To attend or set a challenge at this hackathon, register here or drop us an email at hello@thpoint0.io

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We are pleased to announce that TH.0’s brand-new community platform is on course to go live mid-February!

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2020: The Year in Review I TH.0


The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented amount of disruption in the most industry, fueled in large part by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 impacted nearly every aspect of the global economy, from supply chains to air travel to IT. The events industry wasn’t spared either, as cancellations, layoffs and falling earnings affected vendors and startups alike.

This is where TH.0’s survival instincts kicked in and not only did we survive as a new company, we thrived! It’s been a fantastic year full of major highs and minor lows but we’ve come out of it stronger and smarter.

TH.0 takes a look back at the milestones, events, highlights and stories that dominated our year.

Global Events We Pulled Off


RecruitaTH.0n 2020 aimed at providing internship and jobs for kick-starting careers of university students and fresh graduates.


A productive 3 month summer Internship with selected participants from the RecruithaTH.0n.

Read the review.


ClimaTH.0n 2020 – This was a worldwide initiative to combat one of the most pressing problems facing the UK – Climate Change. 

The virtual event gathered more than 150 participants including youth, academia, representatives from both the private and public sectors, development sector, and government officials. 

Teams were guided by experts in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, public health, and climate change.

Read the review.

AgritechaTH.0n 2020 – We saw 200+ participants, spanning over 17 different time zones at this all-online, worldwide initiative to accelerate innovation, development and implementation of new and existing digital technology into the UK AgriTech industry. The judges, industry experts, mentors and keynote speakers made the event a success.

 Read the review here.


MarineTech 2020 – In this fully-virtual event, participants were challenged to imagine and design an innovative digital solution that can help advance marine technology and ocean exploration.  The online event gathered more than a hundred participants including Developers, Engineers, Marine Biologists, Physicists, Data Scientists. Teams were guided by experts in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and the marine industry. 

Watch the review here.

Blockchain & AI 2020 – Aimed at improving the use of Blockchain & AI in Supply chain management, Education, Innovation and E-Commerce.

 Watch the review here.

What We Accomplished

Bigger Team – We welcomed 5 incredible new employees, four of whom we discovered through our recruitment hackathon. Say hello to Jigger, Minal, Charis, Shantika and Valentina.

Built a Global Community – With every TH.0 hackathon, we added to our global community of developers, designers, programmers, engineers, marketers, c-level executives, and many more! Want access to a talent pool that consists of the top professionals in every industry? Give us a call.  

Increased Followers – Our social media channels saw a 40% increase. Help us continue the trend! Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn & Instagram.

Expanded our Network – We have collaborated with over 50+ teams, secured 3 recruitment partners, agreed 4 official corporate partners, increased our mentor portfolio by an additional 37 industry experts, and have seen a 100% return of client retention.

The Future

What an amazing year! So many achievements unlocked! 🏆

We’re very grateful to all our partners, clients and participants & the global TH.0 community for joining us on this journey. Team TH.0 wishes you all the best of success in your endeavors. 

It was certainly a year of uncertainty, leaving us with an ever-evolving list of obstacles to navigate. But creating challenging events that serve as platforms for innovation, creativity, connections, and collaboration is a part of our DNA. That’s what drives us at TH.0 every single day. With this spirit, we’re going to march forward to make the next year bigger and better!

We have 13 live events at the moment, with space for more customised internal & external company-wide hackathons. Here is a full list of our upcoming virtual hackathons in 2021. If you’re looking to partner with us for any of these events, come on onboard!


TH.0 Vows To Empower LGBTQIA+ Professionals


What is workplace diversity?

Workplace diversity is a term used for creating an inclusive work environment.

Companies with workplace diversity employ individuals with a variety of different characteristics, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, political views, cultural background, etc.

In an inclusive workplace culture, all these individual differences among employees are accepted and all employees are treated on an equal basis. 

The benefits of diversity in the workplace

Benefits of workplace diversity are usually mentioned in the context of social responsibility and boosting a company’s reputation.

However, workplace diversity has many tangible benefits that directly impact the company’s bottom line and revenue.

According to research, there are top 10 benefits of diversity in the workplace:

  • Variety of different perspectives
  • Increased creativity
  • More innovations
  • Faster problem-solving
  • Better decision making
  • Increased profits
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Better company reputation
  • Improved hiring results

The Rising Importance Of Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity has a significant impact on employees’ engagement and productivity. As a result, workplace diversity has a direct effect on the success of companies.

The importance of workplace diversity is even more amplified in today’s global market. With the help of new technologies, companies are now able to reach people from different groups all over the world. Companies with diversified workforce are able to better understand differences among people around the world, accept and leverage them to sell their products and services on the global market more successfully.

Thus, diversity in the workplace isn’t just a passing fad – it’s a better way to do business in a modern world. Successful employers know that and actively promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

TH.0 presents businesses with the perfect opportunity to boost diversity at your office through ”Over The Rainbow” Hackathon 2021. Registrations are now open.

If you would like to sign up as a participant, click here: https://bit.ly/3hadSVI