Our Academia Projects

Whatever your educational background, our academia projects will give your career the edge. Whichever path suits you, an interest in innovation and new technology will be key to working with us.

What do we offer?

TH.0 believes in exceptional training with real-world work experience. You will definitely work hard, but you will come away with impressive experience ensuring you are ready for professional life.

What are we looking for?

Ambitious individuals supported by either relevant academic achievements or work experience. And, because we work in almost every sector and across most technologies, it’s essential you’re flexible, adaptable and imaginative, sharing our passion for new approaches.


Supporting Future Entrepreneurs


4 amazing challenges - 3 concepts progressed to internal projects


HACKathons proving a vital source of untapped talent


Promoting The Inclusion of Girls in STEM Careers


Attracting And Recruiting World-Class Talent


CEO Launches Academia Project To Widen Opportunities For Young People


committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility

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We are always on the look out

What's it like working for TH.0? Imagine your dream job, with sprinkles on top! We invest in inspiring, ambitious individuals who take a fresh look at the world.
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2022 Academia Project

Want the chance to be a part of our 1st July 2022 intake? Great, register for our annual Internship Hackathon in May. Closing date is 26th May 2022. Good luck!


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