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Blockchain & AI Virtual Hackathon 2020 – An Incredible Journey of 48 Hours

We are very pleased to announce that TH.0 has successfully concluded the much-anticipated Blockchain & AI Virtual Hackathon. This was a global hackathon to leverage the use of emerging technology to accelerate innovation. The hackathon was aimed at finding tech-driven solutions to boost sectors that are the backbone of the UK’s economy such as Supply Chain, Education, Insurance and E-Commerce.

This incredible event was buzzing with energy as reflected by the fantastic turn out and participation of 225 members, 15 teams spread 18 time zones, 4 Keynote speakers, 10 Judges, 4 Recruitment Partners, 7 Corporate Partners and 1 Media Partner.

About The Hackathon

In this fully-virtual event, participants were challenged to imagine and design an innovative digital solution to help advance various industries in a post-Covid world.

What happened?

The online event gathered over 150 active participants including Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers, and many more. Teams were guided by experts in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and the Blockchain and AI industry.

We were pleased to see the participants rise to the challenge with unmatched energy and a plethora of excellent ideas!

What Did We Learn?

It was truly a lesson in cross-border collaboration as we saw individuals at home and overseas come together to help create innovative solutions. After a rigorous 48 hours of working on projects, the participants presented their solutions at the grand finale where 3 winners were selected.

The winners were selected based on the creativeness of the solution, scope of implementation and how effectively it tackled the challenge in their chosen category. Here are the details of the winning teams:

The Winners Are:

1. Team Hash It Like You Mean It from the challenge Blockchain in Supply Chain

2. Team Chorograph from the challenge Blockchain in Supply Chain

3. Team Edu Nudge from the challenge AI in Education Equality

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to seeing you advance your projects with the help of TH.0 and use this as an opportunity to further develop your solutions and implement them in your home countries.

It was gratifying to learn that everyone attending left with an accelerated understanding of the emerging trends in Blockchain & AI and did their part in increasing their use in important industries.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all our media, corporate and recruitment partners as well as the mentors and judges. We wouldn’t have been able to organize this hackathon without their unwavering support.

As an organization, we are humbled to have been able to take this initiative and play our part in creating viable solutions that will impact businesses, communities and the economy.

Next Steps

We are now looking at how we and industry bodies can use solutions from the hackathon to implement the widespread use of Blockchain and AI in various sectors. We are also exploring collaboration opportunities with leading companies and institutes to pilot and scale the winning solutions.

There’s more: the applications for our next event – RecruitaTH.0n are open! If you are looking to upskill, network and find new career opportunities, click here to apply.

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