Why Every Organisation Should Be Hosting Hackathons

Inject Your Organisation with Innovation

Are you ready to host a hackathon and boost innovation in your company?


The popularity of hackathons has risen dramatically in recent times. An estimate shows that in 2016, hackathons resulted in a staggering 13000+ prototypes while over 80% of the Fortune 100 companies regularly conduct hackathons.

Despite the rising fame of hackathons, there are still many misconceptions that exist about the whole concept.

Perhaps the most widespread is that hackathons are only beneficial for startups and coders. In reality, hackathons are most effective in speeding up the digitization of businesses. Additionally, they inject an organization with innovation and create better solutions for an array of business problems.

It is absolutely essential for any business to maintain competitiveness and have strong technical teams. However, finding the right employees can be challenging. That’s where hackathons come in. A well-organized hackathon works like a magic spell that gets the most talented and creative minds together to brainstorm and deliver a diverse set of quality ideas. Not only does this shorten a company’s innovative cycle, costs less compared to traditional innovation models and moves ideas to prototypes quickly; they also help employers seek and recruit from a pool of exceptional candidates.

Internal hackathons are also extremely effective in encouraging existing employees to push their creative boundaries and create the next best product. 

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