Opening for Contributors – Back End Developers

TH.0 Contributor Opening!

5 x Back End Developer – (MongoDB Contributors)

Our Innovators Economy platform is looking for experienced MongoDB developers/DBAs who will maintain MongoDB databases while optimizing the performance, security, the availability of MongoDB clusters.

We believe experiences are everything, that’s why we give our people the tools and the freedom to learn, grow, have fun and be themselves.   

GROW AS YOU GO. We invest in you, with internal programs, training, and initiatives to develop your skills and help you reach your goals. We provide you with the tools, skills, and resources to develop, both professionally and personally. You choose where you want to go; we help you get there.   

BE BOLD, BE YOU. It’s about coming to TH.0 exactly as you are. We empower everyone to live their truth, be themselves and use their voice – and we give them a platform to do so. 

WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE AN IMPACT. We strive to make the world a better place and empower others to do the same. We are mission-driven, and we leverage the power of our people to make a positive impact in our Innovators Economy community in which we live and work.   

GAIN STABILITY, EXPAND POSSIBILITIES. We celebrate successes and reward our people for the hard work they do every day. We offer flexible working hours, referral bonuses and fun perks such as Tokens and NFTs. 

MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE. We value open, honest, and constructive conversation. We encourage you to speak up and we listen when you do.

For more details on TH.0, please see

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Ready for the New Year? 🚀

For TH.0 holiday season is the time of intense work to bring you the best hackathon experience in the upcoming year.

We can promise you new exciting challenges to tackle, awesome keynote speakers and excellent industry experts!

Stay tuned, watch the “hackathons” sections and be the first to register!

Check out 2022 Partnership opportunities:

MarineTech – 48 hrs in 60 secs

TH.0 MarineTech in just 60 seconds!

🏆Congratulations to 2021 winners!

1st place: Eureka Innovations (Hariharan Raveenthiran, Jittendran Jude Sajith and Sivasthigan Santhirarajah)

2nd place: Quick Port (Annemarie Ching, Farshad Taeb and Lehshak Teelockchand)

3rd place: Eco Plast (Ayodele Michael Akingbulu, Celestine Naz Chukwudi, Ebube Oguaju-Dike and Ojo-ami Ebunoluwa George)

Shout out to all the people who made the event even more memorable!

🦸‍♀️Sarah Landry. from

Keynote Speaker & Judge:
🎙 Yrhen Bernard Sabanal Balinis from International Maritime Organization

And support from:
⚙️David Stephens from TH.0
⚙️Monika Szafrańska from TH.0

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

There is a time of the year when you have a moment of reflection.
We just wanted to say how grateful we are:
💎For opportunity to meet such incredible people over the past 12 months
💎For our amazing mentors, keynote speakers and tech partners who have given up their spare time to join us in our quest to Build an Innovators Economy
💎For all front line service men and women who have kept us safe and help the world economy to keep going the best it could’ve during such a strenuous time throughout the pandemic
And what are you grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

TH.0’s trio Hackathon Weekend

TH.0 crazy trio hackathon in all on weekend in just 60 seconds!

Congratulations to entire TH.0 team for pulling off such an amazing weekend of innovation. 🚀🚀🥳

Tech Partners:
Michael Ido, Co-Founder & CEO,
Eduardo Blancas, Co-Founder & CEO,

Innovation Partner:
Prasanna Lohar – Vice President, DCB Bank

Event Partner:
Robert Dobson – Founder & CEO, CXO Helix

Keynote Speakers:

EdTech & UniChallenge – Toby Ginn, Co-Founder & Creative Director, 3rockAR
Blockchain & AI – Gehrig Kunz, Product Marketing, Header Hashgraph

Maneesh Goyal – Product Management Executive, Wind River
Dr. Jessica Zeitler – Instructional Designer, University of Arizona
@NutellaLicker – Founder & CEO, Tokel
Jehad Zatar – Associate Auditor, PWC

Congratulations to the following Winning Teams: 🏆🏆🏆🥳

Blockchain & AI:
1st Place – Medata (Gia Min, Pedro Migzcz, Linda Ng, Ibis Malko)
2nd Place – The Best Team (Shaun McGowan, Varuska Patni and Shourav Ahmed. With thanks also to Michael and Bubu for their contributions)
3rd Place – Indemnify (Tamer Ayasli, Soumya Mohanty, Satish Terala, Deepa Hoskote and Dinesh Kumar Selvam)

1st Place – Ghent Artevelde (Selin Akcanca, Sahra Deloose, Carla Montalbano and Julie Louise Christensen)
2nd Place – Thunder & Lightening (Rohit Vakada, Rishik Angara, Libby Graalum, Laura Ndjoli Gonzalez, Carrie Yu, Grant Mc Dermott, Juliana Kozawa and Hong Kai Ng)
3rd Place – EdEureka (Veronika Lammlein, Teerath Sondh, Gagandip Flora, Jittendran Jude Sajith)

1st Place – Arcubus (Benedict Marco Laju, Joseph Stanley, Pranav Srinivasan and Abhiram Maddukuri)
2nd Place – Bugathon (Emre Ozan, Emir Demirhan, Hazar Dayan, Besim Climentepe and Ayberk Aytekin)
3rd Place – Crazy88 (Justin Grierson)

Next weekends hackathons

For the first time TH.0 will host not 1, not 2, but 3 hybrid hackathons in 1 weekend!🔥

🔗 Blockchain & AI
📚 EdTech
🎓University Challenge

This means more challenges ever hosted in one weekend! Is it gonna be crazy? We hope so! 🚀

Here is a little sneak peak of this weekends challenges 🤫

Awesome keynote speakers and excellent industry experts are joining us for the weekend to make the whole experience even better!

Whether you are a seasoned Hackathonian or new to the experience, TH.0 team we will help and guide you every step of the way! 😁

The registration is closing soon, so if you haven’t done it yet pls sign up!

AgriTech 2021 – 48hrs in 60 secs

Another amazing weekend celebrating AgriTech live streamed from Constellation 89, Lviv, Ukraine.

Participants from over 12 countries came together to API Test and resolve the most pressing topics in Agriculture Digitalised Supply Chain & Predictive Technology inc Smart Agriculture.

Congratulations to SustainChain for being awarded this years winners:
Malik Ebers –…
Rolf Helberg jr. –…
Akosua Adjei –…
Oluwamayowa Agboola –
Michael Atunwa –…
Yang Lu –…
Sobanke Deborah –…

A special shout out to Aggrovators for a job well done:

Filipe Venancio –

Matt Rhoden –

Oghenekparobo Onosemuode –…
Punyadeepa Pattanaik –
Michael Akingbulu –
Anna Vihrogonova –…

And an stand up ovation for:
Somdip Dey – Nosh Technology (Keynote Speaker)
Robert Schmitt & Chaitanya Ivvala – Vultus (Tech Partner)
Rob Ward – (Investment Partner)

About TH.0:

TH.0 have just launched a new NFT & Tokenised reward platform that is “Building an Innovators Economy”.

A fresh, dynamic and forward-thinking approach that is shaping the tech eco-system evolution.

We offer an alliance between talent and innovative partners from across the globe and provide them with a platform that pushes the boundaries of technical innovation.

This is entirely achieved via cross border, cross industry and open source collaboration. Each and every member of our Community has the ability to ‘earn’ based upon their contribution towards the drive of global innovation by offering a token reward system and NFTs for all of those who join us in our quest to combat the most pressing topics effecting industry and humankind!

TH.0 hosts 17 hackathons per annum, these include: Recruitathon (green jobs), GovTech, International Women’s Day, FinTech, Recruitathon (interns & grads), HealthTech, SportsTech, LGBTQIA+, eSports, EdTech, University Challenge, AgriTech, Recruitathon (Diversity & Inclusion), UK Climathon, MarineTech, Blockchain & AI and TH.0 World Cup (Hackathon Winners Competition)

MarineTech Virtual * Hybrid Hackathon Now Open!

It’s already been 12 months since our last MarineTech Hackathon, our 2nd goes live Friday 26th November 2021. We would love to see you for another awesome weekend of Innovation!

We have great keynote speakers, excellent mentors and awesome NFTs and token rewards to give away! Also, the top 3 winning team will automatically qualify for our invite only Champions of Champions Hackathon on 3rd December 2021.

This year, we have 4 amazing challenges:

📡 Challenge 1: Ocean Connectivity
🚢 Challenge 2: Supply Chain & Logistics
🌊Challenge 3: Ocean Exploration
🚫Challenge 4: No to Plastic

We welcome all industries and all skill sets.. in fact, the more diverse the team is.. the better the solutions! 😉

Whether you are looking to up-skill, add to your portfolio, or are just interested in networking with other super cool people…come and join us 📝 Registration is Free!

Let’s have some fun, create a true cross-border collaboration ethos and all with the aim of pushing technical boundaries and entirely created by you, the end user! 🚀

Please see more details on:

Hope you have all had a great year of innovation and hope to see you on our much awaited new Innovators Economy Platform very soon!


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