Become a Crew Member

The crew is the backbone of the successful hackthon. From reporting on bleeding-edge innovation in the media team to welcoming guests from all over the globe, the crew makes it happen.

TH.0 partly owes its success to the great energy and support of the volunteer crew. Our hackathons can be supported by a group of up to 50+ crew members who contributed to the event organization in a number of different ways. Join our event and Grow your network and gain new insights to the tech!

Here’s how you can help during these days:

  • Set up & tear down – Chairs, plants, banners, and even neon flamingos all need to be set-up and taken down.
  • Registrations – We expect between 1000-1500 people over the weekend, who all need to be checked in.
  • (VIP) hosts – We would like to give all our (international) guests a warm welcome to Groningen. Welcoming and dealing with inquiries. Venue coordinator – Several locations will be part of the hackathon weekend and will need to be coordinated/managed.
  • Runner – Ice creams! More lamps! Power plugs, we need power plugs! And we need it all now. From the store.

  • Catering – We start the day with serving breakfast, end it with midnight snacks and serve lots of coffee in-between. Love goes through the stomach, so you will make lots of friends.


Media crew

As a track reporter/vlogger you will cover the developments as they happen and capture the epic hackathon stories as they unfold in front of your own eyes!

  • Grid Reporter. You are the link between the hackathon and the outside world. You keep the finger on the pulse of “The Grid”. You have the eyes and the ears for spotting the most interesting developments during the day and have the skills to report about it through your own unique personal lens.
  • Social Media Manager. Lend a helping hand to the TH marketing team: monitor social media activity, track engagement and respond to tweets our communities. You shed light on the day’s key moments and you can work your way effortlessly through the torrent of tweets every day.
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