Most frequent questions and answers

A hackathon is either a 24 or 48 hours pressure cooker where teams build solutions to the challenges brought by the launching organiser or sponsor. The hackathon is also a competition between the teams with a chance to win tokens. cash, freebies or free professional services.

Virtual hackathons encourage participants from all over the world to collaborate via live feeds.

Hybrid hackathons are a combination of physical events hosted globally and wells as welcoming virtual teams and participants.

A track is a focus topic brought up by a sponsor or white labelled hackathon. Within one track there could be one or more challenges that the sponsoring partner would like the teams to bring solutions to.

All that is required is that you are interested in understanding or using open source tool to help address a challenge related to Hackathon event topic. You do not need specific technical skills to participate.

You can apply individually or with a team.

You must complete a TH.0 registration form
and join our Discord Community to take part.

Participants are welcome to organize their “own” team in advance of the hackathon. Please recruit your friends and co-workers to join. If you do not have a team, or perhaps need some additional team members, the organizers will help to form teams. During registration note your topics of interest and other information, and we will match you to a team.

Additional details can be found in our Participant Guide.

This depends on the number of participants, but we expect 15 to 25 teams per hackathon with 3-8 persons per team.

Due to time restraints during judging and pitch presentations, we can host up to a maximin of 40 team per hackathon.

Generally the 1 day hackathons will begin at 8 am for registration and trainings. Hacking will run from 9am to 9pm

Generally, weekend hackathons have a networking and introductory session on Friday from 7pm – 10pm, the main event day being Saturday 9am – midnight with the final prototype and presentation day being on Sunday 9am – 5pm.

All TH.0 hackathons are agenda schedules are in BST or GMT.

For Physical and Hybrid Hackathons, yes, participants should plan to go home.

For Virtual Hackathons, Teams often continue to work throughout the night.

At least one team member must be present at the end of the hackathon to present the results, though we would prefer the entire team to be at the presentation.

All participants should bring their own laptops, and each team must ensure that they have the minimum number of devices needed for their work. If you do not have enough laptops, contact the event organiser in advance  for coordination.

Unfortunately no transportation is provided.

Yes, meals, snacks and beverages are provided.

All participants will sleep at their respective place of residence. There will also be areas for breakout and rest.

Yes, TH.0 hackathons are true global collaboration community.

Mentors are welcome to join online though they are encouraged to join in person if feasible for physical and hybrid events.

We encourage you to be comfortable. Visit the venue information for the specific hackathon you are interested in, for further clarification.

Although prototypes of products are encouraged, a well-defined idea or blueprint concept would be acceptable as well.

Specific criteria will be provided to registered participants in the 48hrs prior to the hackathon. 

Full details of TH.0 powered hackathons can be found in Hackathon Resources > Judging Criteria.

At the end of each hackathon, the participants will present their ideas or prototypes, and these presentations will be recorded. A jury of industry experts will evaluate the presentations. Your team will present at approx. 5pm of the final official event date.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.

Government Authorities will endeavor to match the developed products to the ministries or organizations most interested in these. It is hoped that some of the developed products will be adopted or helped to mature into operational products.

Hackathons are meant for collaboration in a creative, open and transparent way to solve challenges. As part of that, the work done in hackathons is generally provided openly, and the quick timing precludes any lengthy legal procedures. We encourage teams to look at the Creative Commons licenses if they are interested in retaining intellectual ownership or acknowledgment of their work.

Full details regarding IP rights can be found in our Hackathon Rules.

No, specific technical skills are not needed. If you would like to attend technical training, depending on event or tech partners, these will be available on the first day of the hackathon.

The primary language for the event is English. Although Hybrid events are also hosted in the country specific language.

Yes, we encourage diverse participation. Please contact us directly in advance, and we will do everything we can to ensure you are able to participate.

Yes, although you must inform your teams at the beginning of the event of your availability over the weekend.

At least one member of your team must be available to make the final presentation. Although we encourage all participants to attend pitch presentations.

Each team will determine the team’s membership, and some of that may depend on each person’s contribution.

Yes, but we encourage you to participate 😉

However, for those who would like to have exposure to a hackathon, but are not able to participate, are welcome to observe.

All attendees must register.

After the hackathon, all teams will be provided feedback on their project submission.

The top 3 winning teams are automatically entered into our TH.0 Championship Hackathon at the end of the year.

Selected teams will be invited on to TH.0 12 week mentoring programme. 

Some participants may be approached directly by our Partners or Confidential Hiring managers for informal discussion in the first instance.