AgriTechaTH.0n 2020

What is AgritechaTH.0n?

AgritechaTH.0n will focus on the innovation, development and implementation of new and existing digital technology into the growing digitisation of the UK AgriTech industry. We are focusing on needed solutions for farms, farmers and suppliers across the UK.

Why Agriculture?

Farming 4.0 is here and the UK needs to accelerate the digitisation of their agricultural industry as we are falling behind the need to be fully digitised, more efficient and the quest to have net zero emissions by 2040. Innovation and resilience is key!




AgriTech Innovation on the Farm

How can we use and enhance technology with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, waste reduction and the maximisation of profitability?

What products, services or applications can be implemented to improve various processes on the farm and in the digitalisation of the supply chain?

Soil Productivity

Being one of the core essences of the Earth’s fertility, how can we protect, improve and enhance our current usage of soil management? What technology and processes can aide decisions and management regarding tillage, fertilization, crop rotation, plant disease, irrigation, and drainage, as well as exploring the development and evolution of hydroponics?

Smart/Precision/Vertical Farming

As the digital and connected world continues to expand with new and ongoing technological innovations, such as leveraging the cloud, big data, satellites, the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation solutions, how can the agricultural industry further adopt these new technological advances to increase productivity and efficiency whilst protecting the environment?

Agri BioTech

How can we further develop the scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals and microorganisms to provide farmers with the tools and disciplines that can increase production, make it cheaper and more manageable? What can be done to produce greater yields and quality from food crops? What can be done to continue using molecular science to build up natural resistances to certain diseases, whilst ensuring our safety?


* Guaranteed entry into next year’s SHAKE Climate Change Entrepreneurship Programme – donated from Rothamsted Research.
* Free hot desk space in our new Russell Innovation
building for 3 months – donated from Rothamsted
*Farmers Weekly Web Plus Subscription for each winning member for a full year – donated from Farmers Weekly
* Three month membership of Barn4 including two free desks within the new building, our full business support package, networking opportunities, access at members’ rates to the laboratory and specialist facilities on our Park Farm site – donated from NIAB.

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09 - 11 10 2020


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