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Blockchain & AI 2020

What is Blockchain?

Our 2020 Blockchain and AI virtual hackathon will focus on innovation and development of disruptive technologies. As a part of Blockchain week, we will bring teams together to work on the bleeding edge of tech to create ground breaking solutions

Why AI & Blockchain?

Forbes believes that, by 2030, the greatest factor of change throughout global markets will have been the integration of Blockchain and the use of advanced AI.

We want to beat the trend!




Blockchain in Insurance

How can Blockchain integration in the insurance industry save you $700 a year and save the industry $80 Billion?

One of the oldest industries may faces stagnation. Blockchain could  make companies more profitable and more transparent. Listed by Forbes as the next major disruption. Will you be a part of that innovation?

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Our second challenge will focus on Blockchain intergration to the GSC (Global Supply Chain).
Throughout 2020, our supply chains have been greatly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst the GSC has been out of date for a long time, it was brought into sharp focus this year.
How can Blockchain be intergrated into and update the GSC? How can it make it more efficient and accuarate?

AI Combating Education Inequality

Children in countries with the poorest access to education can only expect 5 years. With so few educational resources to go around, the chance of moving out of poverty is less than 1%.

AI could change that.
How can Advanced AI, Machine Learning and Starlink combat this injustice?

AI in E-Commerce

Amazon made $12.9 Billion from recommending items last quarter. Hyper accurate recommendations are possible because of the incredible amount of data Amazon holds on each user. Smaller e-commerce stores have limited resources with which to create recommendations and thus, are unable to compete with e-commerce giants. Can open source AI begin to turn the tide?



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