ClimaTH.0n 2020

ClimaTH.0n 2020

What is ClimaTH.0n?

ClimaTH.0n seeks to unite teams of people who share a passion for hacking environmental challenges related to the impacts of climate change in their community or city.

We are driven to unveil innovative solutions for governments and green organisations across the UK and Ireland.

Why ClimaTH.0n?

Climate change is here; our landscape becoming wetter and warmer, producing a multitude of threats to our environment, wellbeing, and economy.

ClimaTH.0n aims to create a bottom-up approach to these issues by engaging audiences with more community-based opportunities.




Air Pollution from Particulate Matter
How can major cities in the UK, such as London, implement real change to reduce the harmful pollution which is compromising the health of its citizens.
We understand that emissions from diesel engines in vehicles are the primary cause of the issue, but what measures can be taken, perhaps to help businesses that rely on travel in and out of the city, to achieve more sustainable supply chains.
Protection & Restoration of the Natural Environment 
The government has highlighted the importance to reverse the impacts on the landscape of the natural environment as a priority where ‘more action is needed.
But what can be done to help engage communities to connect with aspects in nature including public forests, woodlands, species protection and cleaner & water.
Aggressive storms and rising sea levels have become more prominent, and are set to continue, making the risk and impact of flooding more damaging to people and their livelihoods.
It is expected that coastal communities in Wales and Scotland will be of those most likely to suffer the consequences.
What can be done to protect these communities, and help them to develop catchment-based strategies that will not only raise awareness but help catalyse ideas for change that will better tackle flooding from a localised point of view.
Overheating in office buildings
The majority of working spaces were purposely built with the intention to keep heat in, to cope with harsh winters.
But as summer temperatures continually rise, the working conditions are less than favourable unless your business can bear the financial strain and in-efficiencies of air-conditioning units.
What can be done to ensure business owners can save costs whilst simultaneously offering workspace environments that can easily adapt to changes in temperature and meet green targets.


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