GovTech 2021

What is GovTech?

GovTech frames some of the biggest challenges in the voting process as opportunities to improve systems across the UK. We are focusing on enhancing traditional methods through using modern technology and innovative approaches.

Why GovTech?

The UK government would be encouraged to understand why people are disengaged with politics, how can we motivate others to vote, or perhaps even learn from what other nations are doing in utilising blockchain and AI technology. TH.0 brings you GovTech. New ideas are the key!




Transparency of Information 
Engaging non voters

What can be done to increase voter turnout and offer reliable alternatives to how the public consume information around politics. Providing vulnerable people such as elderly groups and those with learning difficulties as well as millennials with the resources to make informed decisions on voting will surely improve engagement.  

Modernising the Voting  Process

The use of blockchain technology continues to rise across a multitude of sectors, but how can it be implanted in voting? In an age of a global pandemic and lock-down measures, surely now is the time to look for ways in which digital methods such as blockchain can be used successfully and securely – decentralising the entire voting process.

Improving Voting Opportunities

We have begun to see implementation of AI as technology to improve voting opportunities to individuals not able to attend their local polling station. As we progress further into a more mobile world, how can we use AI to ensure accurate verification of members of the public so that location does not inhibit the opportunity to vote on election day

Mitigating Threats

Traditionally, fraud has always been one of the greatest threats to the legitimacy of the voting process. More can be done to eradicate the issue of identity theft. How can an outcome be achieved to ensure effective verification of individuals within infrastructures that are set up to be time-efficient and cost-effective.


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