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How To Attract Quality Talent Through Hackathons

Companies around the world are turning to innovative ways of reimagining talent acquisition through hackathons. In addition to being an exceptional hiring tool, businesses are also leveraging hackathons to establish positive brand reinforcement and creating a strong employer brand.  

Organizations are using this creative setup to not only identify exceptional talent but also cement their position as more desirable work destinations at the same time.   

What a 10-round interview does is accomplished by a hackathon in three or four hours.  

In today’s competitive climate, companies are looking for competent and self-motivated employees even if it takes months to pull them out of the digital abyss. In such a scenario, a Hackathon works like magic in gathering people of such caliber under one roof. All employers need to do is to observe, network and decide if they are the right fit for their organization or not.  

Not only do they reduce hiring time drastically but also, organisations are able to recruit niche talent by attending industry-specific hackathons. 

Increasingly, hackathons are being used as an effective way to build brands. A hackathon is one of the few recruiting platforms where talent comes to the company through competitions rather than visiting applicants. 

During a regular recruitment cycle, it becomes difficult for hiring managers to assess a candidate’s ability to tackle real challenges and work under pressure with just a few questions. In a recruitment hackathon however, businesses get to see prospective employees in action, working among teams to accomplish a common goal within 48 hours. 

Why are hackathons so effective when it comes to finding talented employees? 

Hackathons are amazing when it comes to finding new employees. The best skill to have is working under pressure, collaborating within teams, completing projects in a given time and competing in a competitive environment; this way, not only are the participant skills checked, but companies can evaluate whether they have the ability to be a valuable part of their team or even lead the team in the future. 

Dedication is a key factor when you want to find a future employee, and you will easily find a lot of talent backing their dedication up. 

Many major companies closely monitor hackathons and offer internships, jobs and placements in their companies when they find a participant that’s worth keeping. 

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