We Do Things Differently

With so many businesses merely keeping afloat in today’s highly competitive environment, we ensure our clients soar high by confronting their biggest challenges head on.

Whether you are a start-up looking to get noticed by industry titans, a developer/designer looking to kick start your career at some of the most prominent companies in the country or a business looking for a truly transformative recruiting experience and the most progressive business solution – Talent Hack is the place to start.

Consolidating our two fortes – recruitment and innovation, we have unlocked the secret to creating a successful employer brand and winning the war for talent.

To become an employee-centric company with innovation at its heart and a world-class corporate team, it is essential for an organisation to tap in to its existing employees, while looking outwards for the most brilliant minds in the industry and attracting them through unique strategies.

At TH.0, we harness the power of hackathons to solve our client’s most pressing business problems.

We help them; Recruit top notch employees with a wide range of skills, Implement innovative ideas quickly, create an attractive organisational brand and build a lasting presence.

The one-of-a-kind hackathons organised by TH.0are not limited to tech companies but span all major industries within the UK.

Our services include comprehensive and far-reaching recruitment drives, start-up collaborations with established businesses and a variety of on-site and off-site hackathons

Types of Projects We Work On

Who Should Attend

Get your creative and problem-solving juices flowing! A hackathon will give you a chance to breathe life into your visionary concepts as well as have the chance to work with the latest releases from partners.

Hack your way into the breeding grounds for new ideas! Boost your resume by building your brand as a professional who takes initiative, is a constant learner and enjoys being challenged.

Designers play a vital role in hackathons. Use your skills to translate ideas and insights discussed by the team into prototype, facilitate design thinking among the team and make a name for yourself by delivering a fully functional working app/website or digital product.

Hackathons have become a perfect way to zero-down on the ideal candidate with a mix of data science and programming skills.  

They are a go-to solution for data scientists and beginners keen on learning new skills and scoring hands-on experience in real-life business scenarios and develop both machine learning and problem-solving skills.

All new ideas need to go through various security controls before launch, lend your expertise, up skill by working on innovative concepts. Hackathons are a great way to build your profile.

Each hackathon you participate in, signals to employers that you have important skills, experience working in intense environments, and know how to win! Participate in our hackathons and instantly increases your knowledge and skill level.

A hackathon would be incomplete without proactive and quick-thinking project managers to help keep teams on course. Join our challenges, meet inquisitive people from exciting professional backgrounds and create a winning solution.

Our hackathons aren’t just great for techies! You’ll be experimenting with posting to new channels, building new types of assets, working on internal processes, thinking about new ways of doing everyday projects and learning valuable skills along the way.

Toss aside traditional notions of how things are done and re-imagine the richest, most efficient way to improve customer experience while taking your revenue building skills to the next level.

We are bringing together HR practitioners with internal business leaders, design thinking facilitators, software designers, product researchers, UX designers and start-up CEO’s to ideate and prototype new breakthrough solutions for organizations.

Join us and become a part of improving candidate experience, creating new solutions or enhancing the employee experience, and above all: connecting with a diverse group of individuals together to meet digital disruption head on!

Attend our events to hack in to new ways of working and experience first-hand the magic of hackathons in accelerating digital transformations.

Immerse yourself in a short, intense plunge that allows creative disruption in a visceral way and results in the delivery of breakthrough innovation at start-up speed. 

Our goal is to create a blockchain developer community to connect blockchain enthusiasts. All our competitors demonstrate cutting-edge technology and cover topics including industry trends, real word application, open source software, solution-based case study and many others. 

We believe in igniting fire in data science, AI and ML professionals to elevate their skills to new heights by organising challenging hackathons that boost their employability.

Transformation happens here!

We drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for our clients. Talent Hack has the end-to-end expertise to connect every dot, reimagine every process, and reinvent companies’ ways of working by providing them with innovative application platforms.

Our hackathons are a melting pot of developers, designers, engineers, artists, coders, experts, sound designers, storytellers, students, creatives, and imaginative AR/VR enthusiasts working to explore the application of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for our fast-paced world.

Our UX hackathons are competitive design events for problem-solvers to come together and collaborate on a meaningful, short-term project.

We are on a mission to help developers automate repetitive workplace processes and to increase employee productivity by organising challenging hackathons that address some of the tough questions facing organisations today.

Developers, designers, and data enthusiasts of all kinds collaborate on exciting projects by looking at the opportunities around analytics in the information we see every day.

The ideas, innovative solutions and concrete results produced in our hackathons are as valuable for companies as they are for society. Whether it is helping customers protect their data or remaining GDPR compliant while enabling utility and smooth operations.

Our hackathons present opportunities to application developers, coders, ui/ux experts and chartered accountants, etc. to collaborate and create unique prototypes and simulations that will have a lasting impact on how businesses are governed function.

It is an attempt to simplify the dynamic business operations and reduce risk with the use of intelligent applications such as robotics process automation, machine learning, natural language generation and natural language processing.

Before you launch, take the time to get really close to your product. Work with others to understand the problem they are trying to solve. Join them as they help you do users tests.

In a world where everything from business models and value chains to government functions and social contracts are getting disrupted, our hackathons emerges as an innovative platform to address some of the tough questions facing organisations today by seizing the upside of disruption.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you can benefit by our internal hackathons which provide an excellent way to shorten your company’s innovation cycle, gather a diverse set of ideas and move from ideas to prototypes in just a few days. They also give members of your team a chance to spread their wings and explore areas outside of their daily work.