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Smart Governments Trends To Look Out For in 2021

As governments adapt to unprecedented changes, they have the opportunity to help reshape the world by becoming more integrated and intuitive, according to a Deloitte report.

“Now more than ever, technology priorities must be established in the context of business trends such as digital equity, ethics and privacy, widening generational chasms and the need for institutional agility,” adding “policy is the technology and technology is the policy,” said Rick Howard, research vice president at Gartner.

Here are the trends driving innovation and accelerating the move toward smart governments.

Augmenting government with AI

Governments are finally embracing cognitive technologies around the globe. How governments respond to AI as users and regulators will have a profound impact on how societies grow. Applications are currently being developed and deployed and technology is improving fast with private and government sectors adapting to novel ideas and new possibilities.

Preempting problems through predictive analytics

Predictive analytics will allow governments to identify problems before they occur.

This kind of an “anticipatory government” model will be extremely helpful in many areas such as safety, law enforcement, epidemics, etc.


Improving public service delivery via digital citizen initiatives

Mature digital authentication technologies are starting to gain momentum. Unique digital identifiers can open the door to integrated data and a more seamless citizen experience, enabling dramatic leaps in service quality, massive efficiency gains, and the move to a digital delivery model.

Managing the rise of data and associated ethics questions

In a world where we have a wealth of information, it can be used for good or ill. The question of data ethics will need to the attention of governments. Not only are they ‘owners’ of incredible amounts of data, they are also regulators of data for corporate use. Transparency, equity and privacy will need to guide government policies in this sphere.

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