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Calling all Sensei's

Bring your API or Product You can get real eyeballs in front of your product with a sweet demo. Many companies who have sponsored hackathons in the past have expanded their API use through API demos. This is also a great way to get invaluable evaluation of your product at the alpha stage, from some of the top hackers in the UK.

Send Engineers Sending engineers is a sure-fire way to connect hackers with your company. Sending technical employees to explain what they do and how their product works is sure to  get the attention of the best hackers.

Send Company Swag Sending branded stickers, t-shirts, water bottles, etc., is a great way for sponsors to promote their company brand through passive advertising. Hackers love swag, so the more you bring, the more successful your sponsorship will be!

Why Sponsor?

Hackathons provide sponsors with the opportunity to obtain real-time feedback on their products and/or services by those who use them on a daily basis. This is where you can truly test and showcase your API demos with leading industry experts. We help you solve your ongoing business problems by comprising authentic challenges. Our attendees put their coding skills and business expertise to work on a solution for you!

In addition; with the volume of untapped talent, our hackathons give you the opportunity to recruit those unearthed gems! Compared to traditional recruitment strategies, sponsoring a hackathon represents a high-value and low-cost way to secure talent for your company. Many companies have found some of their best employees through hackathons.

Sponsorship Benefits


Network with fellow stakeholders, business partners, senior business leaders, government officials and investors.

Demo API

Get an invaluable evaluation of your product at the alpha stage, from some of the top hackers in UK.


Meet your next designer, developer or marketer and get new talent interested in your business.


Promote your organisation to participants and other businesses. Increase your brand awareness and product visibility!

Help the Helpers

Play a role in the development of an app that makes the efforts of non-profits/charities easier.

Give Back

Mentor or volunteer during the event and support the next generation of developers, designers and marketers.

Sponsorship Packages


Sponsor Amount GBP


For Mirco pls contact us










Detailed listing in welcome pack & website

Mentors & Engineers at hackathon

Sponsored booth

Speak at opening ceremony

15 seconds

30 seconds

1 minute

API demo & Tech talk

10 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes

Keynote speaker

Finalist Judge


Distributed recruitment material

Access to Github, CVs & Linkedin




Recruiters at event




Interview room access

Access to all applicant profiles post-hackathon

‘Would you work for me’ option in application

Promotional email blast


Logo on website

Swag in swag bags

Logo on t-shirt

Retweet responders during day of event

Sponsored activities at venue

Universal marketing

All sponsorship contributions will be placed in to the running of your hackathon