RecruitaTH.0n (Jan) 2021

What is RecruitaTH0n?

TH.0 strives on being fresh, dynamic, and forward-thinking towards talent through innovation for the tech echo system.

Our coding and non-coding hackathons span all major industry sectors whilst fostering a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

We believe in offering a center stage to all TH.0’s members to build upon their knowledge, skills, and professional network.

We currently host 3 “RecruitaTh0n’s” per annum (Jan, May, Sep) as well as offer white label and bespoke hackathons on behalf of our clients and partners.

Why RecruitaTH0n?

Competition is higher than ever to find the most skilled employees; hackathons allow you to streamline the interview process by assessing technical and soft skills first-hand in a real-life environment.

Recruitment hackathons reduce conventional recruitment costs by more than 80%.

30% of businesses recognize that hackathons amplify brand awareness and are already participating in such events.




Challenge 1

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

VR is making waves within industries across the world. It is being utilized by countries across the world to deliver better facilities to customers and improve business operations. You will be challenged to develop innovative solutions using VR & AR to solve the most pressing issues within the corporate world.

Challenge 3

Internet of Things

Organizations are using IoT to operate more efficiently, improve customer service, help in decision-making, and increase the value of the businesses. How can businesses use IoT to further improve their services?

Challenge 2

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Companies around the world have been quick to realize the potential of AI and incorporate it into their businesses. However, there are still many areas in the day-to-day running of businesses that can be improved by the use of AI. How can we increase the use of AI in creating more efficient business processes?

Challenge 4


Automation requires efficient ICT infrastructures. Use your skills and talent to develop automated solutions aimed at improving business performance.