The Power Of Hackathons For Your Business


Every successful organization is aware of the various variables that influence business processes and works towards strengthening their value. One invariable factor that all business leaders recognize as the key to business growth is the presence of competent human resources. 

Therefore, re-invention is key for any business looking to attract, engage and benefit for a world-class team of employees. Because of the potential of hackathons to offer redefined possibilities to old-HR world problems, their use has increased manifold over the years and is set to rise even further. 

The popularity of hackathons has risen dramatically in recent times. An estimate shows that in 2016, hackathons resulted in a staggering 13000+ prototypes while over 80% of the Fortune 100 companies regularly conduct hackathons. 4 years on, and hackathons are becoming bigger than ever!

Adopting hackathons as normal business practice should now become a norm by companies as it fosters innovation, solves problems quicker and gives companies an edge over competitors by hiring the best talent in their industry.  

In reality, hackathons are most effective in speeding up the digitization of any businesses and its existing processes. Additionally, they provide an organization with innovation ideas and create better solutions for an array of business problems. 

A well-organized hackathon works like a magic spell that gets the most talented and creative minds together to brainstorm and deliver a diverse set of quality ideas.  

Not only does this shorten a company’s innovative cycle, costs less compared to traditional innovation models and moves ideas to prototypes quickly; they also help employers identify and recruit from a pool of exceptional candidates. 

RecruithaTH.0n 2021 is the perfect way to not only add to your brand value but also get in direct contact with some of the best minds in the industry. Our hackathons are idea generators and can be as varied as the people and purposes behind them.  

To attend or set a challenge at this hackathon, register here or drop us an email at

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