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Hackathons are taking the corporate world by storm. The sky is the limit when it comes to these events. Businesses largely benefit by hosting hackathons that is specifically geared at scouting for the best new talent.

Students, graduates and professionals with varying skillset participate in hackathons under intense time-constraint to create mind-blowing products and services and walk away with prizes, a sense of accomplishment, a memorable experience and a larger network.  

Top 3 ways attending a hackathon will boost your employability:

All jobseekers can benefit exponentially by attending a hackathon. Here are some of the best ways in which a hackathon can help build CV, expand skillset and improve employability.  

1. You will learn in a low-risk environment 

Attempting to bring any idea to fruition always carries a lot of risk. In a hackathon, you are encouraged to apply fresh approaches to a problem that you may not risk in the real world. You won’t have a manager breathing down your neck, neither would you have to play by rigid rules. Thus, giving you the flexibility and freedom to experiment.  

2. Guaranteed to learn new technical skills and polish your soft skills 

A hackathon provides a great environment to experiment with tools and technologies that you would otherwise not have access to. Webinars, workshops and mentors are always at hand to help you brush up on technical as well as soft skills such as collaboration, presentation and communication, etc. 

3. You could get external recognition 

Getting validation, being appreciated, gaining recognition and receiving reward for great projects are perhaps some of the best aspects of hackathons. Demonstrate your skills, stand out to the wider tech community and catch the eye of recruiters looking for their next hire.  

Attending a hackathon is one of the fastest ways to expand your knowledge. These events allow you to sharpen your skills and keep them relevant for the future. Moreover, you are setting yourself above the competition by adding hackathon experience in your CV. It’s an indicator to potential employers of your willingness to go above and beyond in the pursuit to develop your area of expertise and shows how passionate you are about it.  

Simply put, hackathons will help you hack your career in your chosen industry! 

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