Competitors to Collaborators

Our aim is to bring a relatively "underground" scene of token trading and a NFT affiliate reward system to the mainstream. 

By entering alliances within our community, whether that be peer-to-peer or business-to-business, you have the ability to make an impact in circular innovation.

TH.0's Innovators Economy is built by enlisted contributors who believe in free exchange of ideas with other likeminded individuals and organisations who drive creative, scientific, and technological advancement.

Whether you are an individual or an established industry leader, our Innovators Economy is the perfect trade platform offering you the opportunity to be at the forefront of Web3.


Token Rewards & NFTs

When knowledge is shared, an entire community benefits from the collective innovation.

This is why we are now opening up TH.0s token rewards and NFTs to all those who contribute towards the revolution of a sustainable future.

These can be earned and exchanged for products & services throughout our entire eco-system which comprises of: Hackathons, Skills Exchange, Mentorship, Accelerator and Business and Hiring Zones.


How it works

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Anyone who contributes within our ecosystem, receives token rewards or NFTs without conditions.

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Community Driven

The more interconnected you are within our community, the more valuable your token becomes! 

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Developers, entrepreneurs, and companies are decentralising the future of our Community.


Basic Mechanics

There are many Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) out there. However, after over 12 months of extensive research and exploration, we have decided to adopt Hedera Hashgraph as the backbone of Innovators Economy Token Reward and NFT offering.

We believe that Hashgraph DLT is best suited to meet not only the immediate, but also future requirements of both our peer-to-peer and business-to-business community members.

In order for Innovators Economy to succeed, private and public ledgers are prerequisite in fulfilling our members conditions of a decentralized, secure and transparent platform that is not only lightening quick, but also advocates full integrity.


Additional Resources

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TH.0's core framework of Innovators Economy. An inspiring token reward and nft offering that strives offer all community members the ability to "earn" based on their contribution to global innovation.

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Hedera has the capabilities of a real-time publicly auditable log, along with high security.  Allowing us to standardize compliance data and auditing processes with stronger data integrity and trust.

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Our Innovators Economy T&Cs outline the rules and regulations for the use of this website and our community platform. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions.