Why It’s Time to Move Toward Virtual Recruiting Strategies

As companies globally evolve into a post-lockdown era, it is mission-critical for them to embrace virtual recruitment strategies. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were handling some aspects of their recruitment process virtually. However, the pandemic forced just about every business to shift its recruiting online.

As the economy begins to reopen, many businesses are interested in shifting a larger share of their recruiting remotely and assessing how to do so most effectively. We have the answer on how to do that just right.

What Is Virtual Recruiting?

The goals of virtual recruiting are the same as any other form of recruiting–identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs.

Virtual recruiting handles these tasks, you guessed it, virtually. However, we are talking about a different kind of virtual recruitment with Hackathons added into the mix! 

Disrupting the Traditional Approach to Hiring

If job fairs and other networking events are a key component of your recruitment strategy, its time to conceive of ways to replicate the success of those events virtually.  A hackathon is one of the most innovative ways to do that because it gives you a clear break from judging a candidate’s skill on paper to witnessing their talent in real time. Not only does this give you a heightened sense of understanding about the candidate’s suitability of the available role but also helps you decide if the candidate is a good cultural fit based on their performance in a collaborative and super competitive setting.

How Can TH.0 Help You Conduct Virtual Hiring Drives?

Virtual hiring drives can take a toll on organizational resources. Therefore, a growing number of companies are seeking to redefine this process. TH.0 enables organizations to do away with redundant and traditional hiring processes and use recruitment hackathons to make better hiring decisions. Our innovative approach to hackathons, with especially designed challenges exclusively for clients can work wonders on organizations seeking to hire A-list talent virtually. Whether you want to conduct large-scale recruitment drives or find just one brilliant new employee, we can help you do that with the utmost ease.

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TH.0 is conducting the RecruithaTH.0n – a virtual recruitment hackathon to empower our existing and new clients to adopt a better way of recruiting. Observe potential candidates live in action, set up a unique challenge to test the ability of participants, test an API, solidify your brand identity as a forward-thinking company and much more at our event happening on the 15th of January 2021.

Click to register or give us a call to discuss the different ways you can be involved:

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