TH.0 strives on being fresh, dynamic, and forward-thinking towards talent through innovation for the tech echo system.

Our hackathons span all major industry sectors whilst fostering a community of likeminded enthusiasts. We endeavour to offer collaborations for all talented and innovative participants from across the globe to join us in our passion for combating the most pressing topics by coming together to push the boundaries of technical innovation.

We believe in offering a center stage to all TH.0’s members to build upon their knowledge, skills and professional network.

Our aim is to inspire businesses to identify disruptive ideas via the engagement of untapped talent pools within their own industry, as well as encourage them to explore unique approaches towards creative ideas whilst building a lasting presence.

Identify and sign partnerships with the most innovative start-ups in your sector.

Connect with professionals in your local area to bring your community together for a common cause.

Test and Recruit the best Talent. Boost your employer brand through open innovation.

“48 hours of committed work, very little sleep and the creativity of an amazing small team rightly won the competition. Most importantly, it brought our prospective new innovative product to life. Congratulations!”
Client Services - London 2019
"Thank you for making our weekend so different, enjoyable, exciting and full of creativity. The whole experience was special. In particular the mentors involved really helped, supported and guided us when we needed it"
Social Enterprise - London 2019
"Our recruitment intake couldn't have gone better, we ended up hiring 13 new employees across 4 different business functions. Not only was the event fun to be a part of, we actually got to see first hand inventive ideas from our new recruits"
Media - London 2018