Building an Innovators Economy

A fresh, dynamic and forward-thinking approach that is shaping the tech eco-system eveloution.

Each and every member of our Community has the ability to 'earn' based upon their contribution towards the drive of global innovation.

This is entirely achieved via cross border, cross industry and open source collaboration.

making a Difference

We offer an alliance between talent and innovative partners from across the globe and provide them with a platform that pushes the boundaries of technical innovation.

We offer a token reward system for all of those who join us in our quest to combat the most pressing topics effecting humankind!

Our Values

Be Bold, Disruptive & Inquisitive.

We encourage uniqueness, innovation and growth.

Our Aim

To help businesses identify disruptive ideas with the engagement of untapped talent pools within their own industry.

Our Vision

To foster and grow an innovator economy of enthusiasts that are determined to push the boundaries of technical revolution.


Dynamic, Lively & undeterred

Creativity and supernatural collaboration are the core of our DNA. That’s what drives us at  TH.0, each and every day. 

Our reach covers all major industry sectors whilst fostering a community of like minded enthusiasts.

We inspire businesses to identify disruptive ideas via the engagement of untapped talent, we encourage them to explore unique approaches to creative ideas and we help them build a lasting presence.

Our Eco-System



Are the nuclei of our business! We host 17x industry led Hackathons per annum. We also share our knowledge and experience by hosting client bespoke and white labelled Hackathon’s.


Skills Exchange

Everyone has a skill to offer! This is where, using ones own expertise to exchange knowledge with others. (i.e. I will give you 1 day of my time, for you to give me one day of yours).



We utilise our network and bring experts to the table for conceptual start up projects. Wining and handpicked teams from our Hackathon’s are introduced to our 8-12 week mentoring programme.



We reach out to our network who wish to invest and/or contribute in conceptual start ups. (approx £5-25k). This offering is for those who have completed our Mentorship Programme.


Business Zone

Participants are our clients, our clients are our participants! We encourage startup-to-startup and B2B to ‘trade’ with each other via; webinars, round tables, partnership and/or contract opportunities.


Hiring Zone

Free vacancy and portfolio upload for our verified community members. Bespoke, Onboarding and Recruitment Process Management options available via TH.0 and white labelled Hackathons.

Unique Registrations
Different Time Zones
Challenges Covered

Successfully completed 120+ projects & counting

Despite the global uncertainty during 2020/21, TH.0 helped the formation of 3 start ups, enabled 8 international teams to present concepts to market, hosted 17 virtual hackathons covering 61 unique challenges, and built a network of over 100+ pioneering partnerships.

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